The basis of our breeding is rainbow trout, sold throughout the year. We provide the highest quality fish that meets all veterinary standards. Our farm has offered rainbow trout, both alive and fresh and gutted in ice. We specialize in the production of high weighing trout  between 1000-3000g. We used and still using the EU programs, through which we have completed a numbers of investments. One of them is installation two drum filters in the water outlet from the culture. Devices are designed to clean the water outflow from the farm.

We have modern specialized cars that allow transport of fish
living in water, as well as fresh or eviscerated in the ice, delivered to every region of the country and

In mid-2013 we launched own hatcheries, which is the next step in
improving the quality of cultured fish. Water that is used for hatching and rearing
trout is from deep-water intakes, which guarantees the highest purity.

We endeavor to make our fish meet the highest quality standards, so constantly
we care about the environment, including water purity. On ponds we mounted Oxygenation devices,
that improve parameters of the water used for our production.